Top 4 Coolest Insurance Apps

Typically the words “cool” and “insurance” do not mesh but many of the top insurance providers are changing that mentality. Almost every insurance provider has some type of mobile app for its policyholders and they have incentives that attract additional clients. Mobile apps make filing a claim simple which improve customer satisfaction. From a costing standpoint, mobile apps save companies money due to improvement of the process.

The mobile app for insurance policyholders continues to improve with technology. Companies have moved away from the boring app for insurance to make for a better overall customer experience. The following are the industry’s coolest mobile applications:


app for insuranceSharp Mobile

Sharp mobile gives insurance brokers a web portal and mobile app that will allow customers to do just anything with their smartphones. Accessing digital pink cards, making payments, viewing policy details and reviewing coverage details can now be made without delay.



As one of the most visible mobile apps in the industry, the GEICO mobile app for insurance is user-friendly and sleek allowing users to access digital identification cards, manage policies, access GEICO’s Accident Guide to record accident details, file a claim and chat with the voice assistant, Lily. The app even allows for background customization with Maxwell the Pig, the famous Gecko and the GEICO logo.


MetLife Infinity App

Available for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the MetLife Infinity App gives users the ability to digitally create a legacy for friends and family. The app allows users to produce photo and video collections as well as documents which can be shared immediately or in the future. It is an excellent way to keep track of the family for life insurance purposes and associated documentation.


State Farm MoveTools App

The State Farm MoveTools app for insurance helps its policyholders who have renter’s insurance remain organized during a move. The app helps the user pack every room in their home, create packing labels that display the contents of the box so they do not need to be opened and be organized with recommended tasks. This app for insurance is every organizer’s dream and completely user-friendly.

Insurance – Your Protection From Eventualities

Insurance is a very popular term, but not everybody is aware that this is a form of protection wherein you reduce any risk to yourself and your priced possessions from any unwanted cost or expenses.  Basically, what you insure are the things that are important to you.  This will include your home, your health, your life, your car, your business, your family, your profession, and anything in between.  When the things you value are insured, you lower your risk from the loss of what you have insured.  Should they get lost, damaged, or be responsible for injury or property damage, depending on your insurance policy, you will be covered by your insurer.

business-insurance-services2The overall importance of insurance cannot be underestimated, especially if you have not experienced making any claims before.  However, for those who know and understand what it feels to have insurance protection firsthand, it is likely that they will never go without any insurance protection.  Insurance importance should never be an option but instead something that should be mandatory for the things that you value.  Through insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you have the financial protection of your insurer should there be any incidents that happens involving what you have insured.

Keep in mind though the insurance is also a form of business for the company.  Every insurance type will have different forms of coverage.  It is crucial that you get the right coverage for your policy in order to get the best protection.  This is because if you do not have the necessary coverage, you will not be compensated by your insurer for a loss.

A good example will be home insurance.  Although basic home insurance packages cover hurricane damages, it does not however carry flooding as part of the basic coverage.  You need to buy flood coverage for your home insurance in order to make claims from flooding damages.  Even though the flooding was caused by the hurricane itself, the damage you receive in your home from flooding will not be covered.  This is why it is vital that you get the necessary insurance coverage so you are properly protected.  Whatever insurance you get, getting too much coverage can be expensive.  Getting too little on the other hand may not provide enough protection.  It is vital that you get coverage on what you think are important for you and have the potentiality to happen.